With the recent news that WhatsApp is introducing a change to the privacy policy to enable them to share our information with Facebook it made me look into this a little more before agreeing to accepting the change, from my understanding this is why I don’t believe this to be such a bad thing.

  1. When Facebook purchased WhatsApp it was believed by many that it would spell the end of WhatsApp as we know it, at that point people had chosen to use WhatsApp over Facebook largely due to the protected privacy they felt with it against the Mark Zuckerberg steam train that is Facebook and in particular Messenger, this proved to be slightly premature as in the coming months and years WhatsApp moved to better protect our messages via better encryption meaning only the sender and receiver could read the messages not even WhatsApp or Facebook could, so in the time Facebook have owned the service they have moved to protect us further.
  2. Better friend suggestions, I don’t know about anyone else but I’m fed up of seeing random friend suggestions within Facebook, a service I use to keep connected with actual people I know not people that are friends with a friend, if the sharing of information means I will get a more polished list of actual people I know I for one will be happy.
  3. Spam is in our everyday lives whether it be via post, email, sms or any other form of messaging service including social media, whilst I have never received any spam via WhatsApp I have read a number of posts/ tweets saying others have so my understanding is if it can happen I would prefer WhatsApp be proactive to reduce the chances of it happening.
  4. Better advertising on Facebook, again somewhat like the friend suggestions I’ve grown tired of seeing adverts for things completely unrelated to anything I may be interested in, I think it is important to understand that advertising plays a huge part in the Facebook revenue stream therefore whether we like it or not we will have no option but to see adverts within Facebook and I for one would prefer them to be more suited to my needs rather than random stuff of which clogs up my timeline.
  5. WhatsApp/ Facebook being up front, honest and more importantly enabling people to opt out if desired, this should be looked at in a very positive light, it is about time companies moved to be transparent about why they wish to move the goal posts so to speak along with allowing us the user the option whether we want to continue as we are or whether we agree that the changes proposed may help our experience as a user.

With saying all the above I can’t stress enough how much money WhatsApp and Facebook must cost as a company to enable us to use the services for free, now if them changing the policy to better pair me with potential suppliers to myself is the price of continuation of the free service that’s a price I’m willing to pay, if they offered a subscription to both WhatsApp and Facebook that completely removes advertising and means they are getting that advertising revenue stream from us the users I wonder how many exactly would be using the service anyway.

Just remember we can opt out and that choice is ours, however for the reasons above I for one have nothing against receiving a better overall user experience.

As always if you have any comments or questions feel free to leave them below or reach out to us on twitter, facebook or email.

Speak to you all soon!

Mr M

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