Well what a right royal cock up, but… for who?

On one hand we have the Jeremy Corbyn excused of reportedly passing by a number of empty seats to be pictured sitting on the floor, saying “This is a problem that many passengers face every day; commuters and long-distance travellers. Today this train is completely ram-packed.” and on the other hand we have Sir Richard Branson tweeting a picture of which shows CCTV footage of Jeremy Corbyn walking past a number of empty seats along with the text, “Mr Corbyn & team walked past empty unreserved seats then filmed claim train was ‘ram-packed’”.

Now which ever way you look at this one thing is clear, if this was a publicity stunt by the Corbyn camp to make the point that they would aim to bring the trains back into public ownership they’ve scored a huge own goal by the released CCTV footage however and this is a big however the fact that Sir Richard Branson released the CCTV footage is (in my opinion) a clear breach of Data Protection of which in the times we live I feel is considerably worse than someone wanting to boost popularity.

The question is whether Branson did this with more of a plot to undermine the credibility of nationalising the train service of which would obviously not fit in with his long term plans.

It’s clear regardless of whether it was staged or not why Corbyn would or could have taken the opportunity to drive that nail a little deeper into killing off the private rail operators, I’m not for a second agreeing that it was the correct decision to make though as only the Corbyn camp will know how this is likely to effect his creditability long term, however no one can argue that by highlighting this issue yet again it is something along with high rail costs that many train passengers are likely to face from time to time.

So now we have Virgin Trains defending their position to release the footage with all sorts of quotes however as a train passenger I don’t no if I like the idea that if Sir Richard Branson feels like potentially making me look like an idiot he can release footage whenever he’s having a slack day, I mean who’s to say he wont find the footage of me rushing to get off the train a few months back only to run into an upright handrail causing me to almost projectile vomit up the doors, if you do happen to read this Sir Richard please don’t go looking as you’ll make me look an idiot at my next Corbyn rally, just joking I couldn’t attend a Corbyn rally as I’d have to go by train and don’t fancy sitting on the floor.

Which ever way we look at this it is clear to say they both look a little foolish, only time will tell which one looks the bigger fool.

For now I’m going to check train times to Glasgow for tomorrow’s Corbyn rally followed by looking into next years holiday with Virgin Holidays to the Caribbean.

Speak to you all soon!

Mr M

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