Lets cast our minds back approximately 1.4 million years ago for that matter to a time when cavemen roamed the planet hunting for food to survive now ask yourself “did they ever have #meatfreemonday?” and I’m sure your answer will be a resounding no! so why in 2016 does a non-profit initiative by Monday Campaigns  come along with a plan to encourage people to give up meat on a Monday for the good of your health and the planet! as if this world didn’t suck enough at times but adding the guilt of tucking into your Monday morning bacon sandwich is a step too far.

My question about this is Why? I mean I know why they say we all should, but why! I’m not denying there is a link between that of our diets and greenhouse gases or our own personal health but why do such things as this get the coverage when there are more fitting approaches to help and aid the improvements needed such as that of the charity Living Streets who encourage people to go out and do more walking.

I’m not one to be told what I should or shouldn’t do at the best of times so this #meatfreemonday really grinds my gears, I should be able to tuck into a 12oz sirloin steak on a Monday evening without the guilt of killing our planet or worrying about my health when I’m watching the news seeing about the threats we face in our day to day lives.

All being said I’m sure there are people out there who leap on the bandwagon using the hashtag whilst tucking into their steak bake from Greggs washed down with a side of crisps and a bottle of pop. I therefore propose here on forth we shall drop the “free” making it just #meatmonday and we should rejoice in all things meat related.


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