I’m sure I’m not the only one who has clicked on a video and then before you know it two hours have passed and yet you’re deep in a glorious YouTube vortex that you’re just too blissfully happy to get out of, just one more video I tell myself but then I see another I want to watch, this being said here are my five reasons I believe YouTube is taking over TV.

1. Chosing what you want to watch and when 

the woolpack

I don’t know about you but I’m personally sick to death of the same old soaps full of bad actors and overly dramatic story lines, how many tragedies and affairs can one small village take if it were real life you have a priest sent in to bless the land, not only that but life is full of enough dramas so when i want entertainment I need to be uplifted and entertained not depressed also, if I fancy watching videos on funny animals I’m not waiting till autumn for you’ve been framed animal special, I just type in funny cats on my phone and away I go, OK now i sound like a crazy cat lady although I do confess to once watching a video on how to organise under your sink waiting in the car on the school run, I’m not doing myself any favors here am I but you guys get the point.

2.Reality TV that’s not overly produced drivel

YouTube has such an amazing quantity of daily Vloggers, it’s like having a license to be nosey into other people’s lives, this for me is amazing especially when my husband named me the curtain twitcher seeing what the neighbours are up to, I remember watching Zoella’s channel back in the day she would do some of the videos from her bedroom now she’s grown one of her channels to over 11 million subscribers, the Saccone Joly’s are another family I have witnessed over the years become an incredibly entertaining and successful family, these are people who have real talent and a great passion for what they do aswell as being family friendly.

3.Our kids are more interested in YouTube than TV 

Our daughter’s tend to stream videos to the TV in fact the other day when both of them had flat batteries on their tablets it was like they were being punished to watch TV, we have the full sky package aswell which tells you all you need to know, these are the next generation viewers so again my point is made. Their favourite channel at the moment seems to be Brayayley. A lovely family who daily vlog.

My only concern with YouTube is security so its important you create secure settings and keep tabs on channels they view, we once heard South Park blast out from our then 6 year old’s tablet to which we quickly scrambled to change before the swearing kicked in.

Used correctly I think that YouTube can be a great learning platform and I believe it has enriched my children’s lives.

4. It’s free

Yes I know I mentioned we still have Sky but it is something we have recently contemplated cancelling, apart from obviously the broadband costs there’s no charge like TV license’s or sky TV package’s with YouTube and you don’t get budget cuts and cancelled shows like you would on TV.


5. It’s creating its own Batch of internet celebrities and building communities as a result

I love how YouTube has given the public the choice of choosing who’s worthy enough of celebrity status, not some producer of a rubbish TV show parading a talentless idiot on our screens these YouTube celebs of the world are people who worked hard with often limited budgets to create great content, and these are the people who we should be supported as they are the ones influencing the next generation.

There’s no denying YouTube is taking over TV and this is even before you throw in Netflix and other pay for subscriptions. I just hope that these talented content creators don’t get over produced eventually just like a TV show as soon as they start to get agents. What are your favourite channels on YouTube and do you agree with it slowly taking over? You can write in the comments or tweet us @angrycouple.

Mrs M


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