So the big day arrives, you open that big brown envelope and that sinking feeling hits the pit of your stomach, what do I do now?

Let me tell you now it’s not the end of the world nor are you a failure, yes unfortunately I’ve heard parents say this to their children.

Firstly speak to the sixth form or college to see if they can still take you on their course if you haven’t met the requirements, speaking from personal experience this happened to me, but I put my case forward that it was something I wanted to do and would do anything to still be taken on the course, luckily they saw the desperation in my eyes and worked with me, it didn’t end there! I also talked my way into working for a local company that paid me a apprentice wage while still attending my courses, I had private tutoring for my english and maths, talk about a turn around! As my Dad drummed into my head “if you don’t ask you don’t get”, I’m not saying this works for all individual circumstances but its important to remain positive.

On the subject of positive thinking I know this old quote is cliqué but I really do believe that when things don’t work out the way you planned, maybe life has bigger things planned for you, you just don’t know them yet. I won’t bore you with all my examples, but let me tell you at the age of 32 this has happened quite a few times already, you only have to look at the likes of Sir Alan Sugar, Sir Richard Branson and Simon Cowell to name just a few who’s schooling didn’t end the way planned yet they turned it around and you can too.

So what ever results day has in store for you just remember it may not look good today but life is what you make of it and the strongest people over come challenges in many different ways, I like to think there is no such thing as failing theres either winning or learning.

Much love peeps!

Mrs M

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