I’m not going to lie I love watching this family on TV it’s my guilty pleasure, there has been a few occasions where my husband has come into the living room while i’m watching it and before he knows it he’s sat and watched two episodes with me. He describes it like a car crash you drive past but you can’t help but look at, harsh Mr M! I think he’s a closet fan really!

Where ever you look you cannot avoid this beguiling family, from tv shows, news and magazine articles, clothing and makeup they’ve really covered it all, but with fame and fortune comes the haters, these guys and gals (mainly gals) really must have some thick skin. Some of the comments I have seen on Twitter or the comment section of articles on the Daily Mail are crazy and people can get very nasty. So in this day and age where everyone has an opinion and isn’t afraid to put it out there i’m putting mine out there with a difference, so here are my 5 positive things I believe the Kardashian culture has brought us……….

1.Transgender awareness.

Most recently we had the big reveal of Caitlyn Jenner, formally Bruce Jenner, she brought to light some of the issues transgender people face daily and really has been a voice for the community, her series ‘I am Cait’ was so eye opening and you really can see how happy she now is compared to some of the old Keeping up with the Kardashians footage.

2. Making it cool to have a big back side. 

That’s right no longer shall we say, “does my butt look too big in this”, instead we now say, “does my butt look nice and big in this”.

This alone makes Kim K a legend in my eyes! High five Kimmy High five!

3. Family First

This family may have their up’s and downs but you have to admire how they have each other’s back and make time for each other, you only have to see how they defend each other on social media or post snap chats hanging out that its not just for the cameras, you can’t fake a love for family and you can see that.

4. Girl power

Love or loathe these ladies but there’s no denying they have built themselves one hell of a empire, Momager Kris Jenner knows her stuff when it comes to making a deal and she’s taught her kids well as they all seem to be doing well in life.

5. Keeping fit

These guys and gals have all the money they can dream of but they don’t hide away from the fact keeping trim is hard work, you can see on Snap Chat most days the girls work out together and show their healthy meals. With obesity rates reaching a new high in the USA I say these ladies are setting a fine example of getting out there and working out.

So there you have my take on the positives of the Kardashian’s. I could go on but I won’t be a bore.

Spread the love peeps

Mrs M


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