With the recent breaking news about Yahoo bring hacked I thought I would share my tips on keeping yourself and your family safe online so here goes….

1.Software. Install anti-virus software and install any updates whether it be security software or web browsers as soon as they pop up.

2. Passwords.Have stronger passwords using both lowercase and capitals, even throw in a number if possible. Remember the stronger the password the harder it is the hack into.

3.Protect your children. Monitor what your children are doing online, check for parental settings on the devices normally located in the settings section and warn them never to give out any personal information to anyone.

4.Email scams. Beware of emails claiming your owed money or stating theirs unusual activity on your account. Just in the past two weeks I’ve had one saying they were HMRC and that I was due a tax refund (I wish) haha. Another was that my pay pal account had unusual activity on my account and I also had one saying I had won a Thomson Cruise. I fear for vulnerable people because some of these emails look so genuine. 

5.Person information. Try not to put too much information online. The culture we live in we can document every aspect of ours lives so think before you put that post on that your on holiday for two weeks and think about who can see that status, if you really want to put stuff like that on platforms such as facebook make sure its just your friends that can see it and before you post you can tick that its only to be viewed by certain people.

There is an abundance of information on this topic when you google it and i have only scratched the surface with my thoughts, but its worth thinking about protecting yourself and loved ones by making sure you have put securities in place.

Have a great day everyone

Mrs M

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