I’m not sure about anyone else but I seem to have a number of family and friends who constantly reel out the line of I need to lose weight I need to get on a diet or I need to do more exercise and the last one in questions whenever you dare mention any form of activity that may help you are faced with the most common objection… “Its too expensive”, well I for one don’t spend a fortune on trying to keep myself healthy in fact I have found many ways of which can help without spending a penny.

1. My first tip would be to turn to my good friend Mr YouTube who has hundreds of workouts just type In “work outs” in the search bar and select channels, there’s something for all tastes and abilities my particular favourites are Lucy Wyndham-Read, Tone It Up, and Tara Stiles.

Meal_Prep2. You’ve heard it before but cook from scratch, batch cook meals on days off or cook extra when you make your dinner, then fill your freezer with healthy homemade ready meals, stock up on different frozen veggies to go with your meals, frozen fruit and veg is cheap and doesn’t go off.  I’m a big fan of making batches of pasta sauces and freezing in zip lock freezer bags.

3. Join online challenges, forums, or social media communities, my personal favourites are Instagram pages such as, soupdragon67, keelies.journey and slimmingworldxgemx, you could even start your own Instagram page and build a support system.

4. Download myfitnesspal. You can scan most food packages so not much searching needs to be done manually, I synced mine to my phone to count steps you complete in a day and it will adjust calories automatically extra steps mean a nice treat ha! also it allows you to add friends meaning you can share goals and support each other to what ever your targets are, getting moral support along the way sure helps beat the boredom that you can quite often face.

swimming pool5. A lot of councils have started doing free swimming times at local schools or leisure centres, check out your local council website for more details, as a family we have saved so much money going to the free swimming at a local school instead of £13 a time at our local leisure centre.

I think that we can sometimes over analyse weight loss and make it an expensive experience, I’ve been there with the expensive gym memberships, the weight watchers groups, the different exercise classes, DVD’s and gym clothes. Well I say stuff it! I’ll stick to my YouTube vids in my old sweat pants then feel smug that I’m fit and trim without spending hardly any money, just make sure you don’t spend that extra money you’ve saved on an Chinese take out and a fine bottle of wine 😂🍜🍷 mmmmmmm wine.

Let me know how you get on via our normal channels on twitter, facebook or email.

Bye for now folks!

Mrs M

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