So that’s it back to school for most schools this month. Before the holiday started I had a plan in my mind of what I wanted to keep myself and the kids happy. I found planning a day of activities followed by a chill day really created a great balance and will definitely do this for future school breaks. Here’s five things we did that the kids loved.

1.Picnics– we did so many days at our local park. The one day we even took games and really made a day of it with family. Our kids are all a similar age and play together wonderfully. You could see how the kids throughly enjoyed it and who can beat the company of family and making lifetime memories.Plus no mess in the house, win win I say.

2. The summer reading challenge. I’m not going to lie, lately our kids have not enjoyed reading like they did and pine to have their tablets instead. However, they have absolutely loved this program and read most nights. Maybe it’s their competitive side or the fact they got to have a sausage roll from bakery near the library every time we changed our books haha. At the end they received a medal and certificate which really made the girls proud (and Mum too).

3.Lazy days, some of the so-called Facebook super mum’s (there’s always one) seem to go on and on with activity after activity, the ones that make you feel tired just seeing their updates. Endless school events, homework and parties fill our diaries and just like us adults, kids need time to relax and reflect on things. The only thing i found was that if they don’t get some physical activity then it was harder to get them to bed at night but nothing an hours fresh air in the garden or dog walk couldn’t fix the next time we take things easy.

4. Swimming. We planned to improve the girls swimming skills over the summer and found that our local high school held free swim sessions. This saved money, kept myself and the kids active and was great fun. Found it a little busy but that’s to be expected when its free.

5. Our local water park organisation. We paid £4.50 to park which I initially thought was a little steep but we were pleasantly surprised. The area was so well-kept with different walking trails, play areas and picnic spots, there was even a café, gift shop and a steam train ride for the kids. This made me realise sometimes you don’t realise the great days out we sometimes have on our door step.

Our summer has been filled with so many happy memories and i feel sad that it’s come to an end but i think the kids are now ready for some routine. What have been your favourite summer holiday memories? I’d love to hear from you on  twitter, facebook or email.

Until next time

Mrs M x

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