Whatever happened to a tea party at home or a mini disco in the village hall? The past year our five and seven-year old’s have attended some crazy over the top parties that must have cost the parents a fortune. Party bags seem to get bigger and more elaborate each time, we even went to one party where the parents bragged that the room alone cost £400, I don’t know about you but I’d rather put that in a savings account for my child or take them on a trip, so here are my tips for a fun, memory making party….

1. Have a house party! Tradition games such as pin the tail, nose, ear on the whatever, pass the parcel, musical statues, put sweets inside balloons and the kids have to pop them, arts and crafts, sweetie hunt. You can pick up so many great party game prizes from the pound/discount shops. Low cost grub such as hot dogs and burgers surprisingly work out cheaper than cold buffet food, just make sure you cater for any vegetarians/ food allergies.

2. Have a sleepover. Get a selection of DVD’s or stream Netflix/Amazon Prime if you’re a cool Mum like me HA! Stock up on popcorn, sweets, frozen pizza and instead of party bags you could give out fluffy socks with a sticker saying thanks for coming to my slumber party.

3. Kids cinema club. Our local cinema has Saturday/Sunday morning film club for children where they only charge £2.50 per person, get your child to pick a few close friends and don’t forget take your own drinks and snacks.

4. Hire a cheap venue such as school hall, village hall or working mens club. You can sort the playlist of songs yourself, organise games (see option 1 for ideas), make children an individual food box and ask on the invite to RSVP which sandwich option they would prefer, this way you only buy the food you need, buy some face paints and round up any arty friends or family to help.

5. Early bird bowling. Local bowling alleys regularly promote late afternoon/early evening deals, so get your little one to pick a few good friend’s to keep costs down, after building up an appetite bowling a trip to McDonald’s for a happy meal will give you some serious Mum/Dad points.

Sometimes it just takes a little imagination and effort but it’s so worth it to see your little beauties happy, I would love to hear your experiences via twitter, facebook or email.

Thanks for reading peeps, pop by again soon

Mrs M

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