If you’ve clicked this link then I’m guessing the majority of you are having some kind of stress in your jobs. Let me tell you now from experience it can be a lonely place and you feel like you’re the only one going through it…… NO YOU ARE NOT! If you don’t deal with the cause of your stress then your body will. Stress can really affect your health from anxiety, depression to feeling run down and catching every bug going. LIFE IS TOO SHORT!!!!!!! Heres my five tips to deal with it……

  1. Talk about it…. I cannot stress enough the importance of talking to someone. It can be very therapeutic to vent your frustration, like that old saying…. a problem shared is a problem halved, just make sure it’s not to a glass half empty kind of person. You need someone who can give you a level-headed opinion.
  2. Get exercise. Personally for me yoga was an amazing stress reliever but you can do anything from taking your dog on a long walk, a DVD or YouTube exercise video. Physical exercise will clear your mind and release endorphins which is the body’s natural stress relieving chemical. If you’re body isn’t healthy then your mind isn’t healthy.

  3. Avoid caffeine and alcohol if stressed. It’s so easy to go get that tall grande from Starbucks and that large glass of wine in front of the tv but they have temporary fixes and they will make you feel worse. Give them a rest until you have found a better life balance.
  4. Ten years time. Someone once said to me the best piece of advice i ever heard which was, in a stressful situation I ask myself this….. will this problem matter In ten years? Enough said!!!!!
  5. Meditation. Yes i know some say that sounds like hippy rubbish, heck i even thought that in the past but i beg you just try it. Theres an abundance of apps to download. Personally i have found ican hypnosis with Donald McKinnon life changing. Yes i know that sounds cheesy but try it and tell me your thoughts. At the moment it’s free on iTunes. If you don’t fancy downloading an app you can always type in YouTube sleep meditations.

Do you have any great stress relieving tips that have helped you in the past? I’d love to hear from you on twitter, facebook or email.

Take care

Love Mrs M

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