If you’ve read some of our previous posts you’ll of guessed that our family are big YouTube fans. Vlogging channels, cooking channels, gaming, reviews….. the list goes on. Although we encourage our kids to watch channels they enjoy you also have to be careful as we recently heard the South Park theme tune suddenly blasting from our 7 year olds tablet upstairs we darted straight up the stairs and turned It off. You could say It was a bit of a wake up call that we needed to keep tabs on the channels they are viewing.With this In mind I have listed 5 channels me and my girls enjoy watching together.

1.The Shaytard’s– They are an American family of 7 and have been vlogging since 2008. YouTube completely changed this family’s life. Over the years they have gone from struggling to make ends meet to living In their dream home and being very successful in all aspects of their lives. The beauty of this channel Is that they don’t just vlog the fluffy side of life, they are very open and raw while keeping the channel family friendly. They will be taking some time off from YouTube from next March but with 8 years of vlogs there’s plenty to view while they enjoy a well-earned break.

2. The Saccony-Jolys– An irish family living in Surrey. They have two children with a baby on the way. Again I love how they vlog the ups and downs of everyday life and their kids are so sweet. Awesome parents who clearly love their kids so much.

 3. Rosanna Pansino– Such a fun baking channel. Her videos are mostly themed and she speaks with such animation. Her recipes are also awesome.

4.Stampy– If your kids are fans of Minecraft this is definitely a channel for them. He creates little stories and really encourages kids to be creative within the game. Worth watching to to hear his unique laugh, watch it and you’ll know what I mean. 

5. Bratayley– Daily vloggers mainly featuring their children, very family friendly and my kids are obsessed. They had to deal with the death of their Son Caleb a year ago and i was concerned that my kids would get quite upset by watching the vlogs but their focus on camera is to celebrate life. Their videos are fun and can be very educational.

These are just a few of the channels out there that we enjoy to watch. I’d love to hear which channels you enjoy as a family on either twitter, facebook or email

Have a great day

Mrs M


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