Hi everyone and happy first day of Autumn (fall for some of you). Now close your eyes and then picture this….crisp air, gentle afternoon sunshine, chilly nights, beautiful colour changes of trees and cosy sweaters…… wait what…. today I was still in my flip-flops roasting on the school run, and by the look of the forecasts it’s not set to cool down just yet. However at some point it will and I will be ready for some traditions with our girls, in fact I have listed 5 things I absolutely love to do with my girls in autumn.

1. Making leaf lanterns.img_0192 Sorry for the dodgy picture but this Is what we made last `Autumn. We went out on a little adventure and collected different coloured leaves then stuck them to an old jar. I used normal tea lights but for safety reasons I’d recommend the battery-powered ones which you can find in a lot of pound shops or homeware stores such as The Range. This warning comes after my little one nearly knocked one of the jars off the table phewwww close one.

2. A walk in the woods or local water park. You simply cannot beat a walk sounded by all those beautiful autumn colours, not to mention kicking your way through the fallen leaves.Get your wellies on and get out there!

3. Leaf rubbing…. an oldie but a goodie, maybe left over leaves from making lanterns can be used underneath your paper and rub over the top with a wax crayon.Kids love this.

4. Making hot chocolate and hot dogs outside… Theres something so comforting about consuming hot beverages or food outdoors when Its cold. Who needs a full on firework display, get a few sparklers or lanterns/fairy lights, wrap up warm and enjoy time with family or friends.

5. Conker picking… This is such a fun activity we have enjoyed year upon year as a family. In fact it gets a bit competitive amongst the men of the family ha. This is even before the old tradition of putting them on strings trying to break the other persons by swinging it.

What Autumn/fall activities are your favourite? Id love to hear from you….twitter, facebook or email.

Mrs M x

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